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Rio Consulting offers a full range of physician practice management software to clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that helps you better manage your practice and keep it running smoothly. But we understand that issues or questions will arise from time to time. For that reason, we offer all our clients computer and network support as part of our services.

Our technical specialists are here to assist you and your staff in resolving your technical issues.

We have trained specialists onsite that are certified in:

Network Installations
Network Security
Server Maintenance & Installation
Hardware & Software

And since we know that every minute counts when you have technical difficulties during office hours, 
we also offer a 5 Hour Response Time!

Our physician practice management software for NY, NJ and CT practices includes many features to help you run your office more efficiently, including billing and collection software, coding, appeals and more. And our support options are there to help you whenever difficulties arise.

To learn more about our support options or any of our products or services

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We look forward to helping you better serve your patients!

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